Intelligent Data Management System / IDMS


With a little realistic attention to the course of developments and the progress of knowledge and culture of societies , the fact is revealed that the world ahead is the world of artificial intelligence , and evolution of societies in this branch cannot be comparable to other branches of science and technology .

It can be easily predicted that in the society and civilization of the next decade, the world of artificial intelligence will play a very prominent role in the daily life of social affairs .

In the next decade, 80% of urban commuting will be eliminated and the main competition in industries will be monopolized by artificial intelligence and powerful software companies . In the near future, the software industry will overshadow all industries .

On the other hand, the biggest and most valuable capital of an organization is ” Data ” , and successful and leading companies must be equipped with Intelligent Data Management Systems ( IDMS ) .

The Intelligent Data Management Systems ( IDMS ) with special and unique capabilities and a special and very practical design that is the result of a big practical knowledge and experience in various organizations and industries, it will be a powerful Data Management tool and a powerful consulting arm for companies managements .

Table of Contents  :

Software Specification

Data Managements

Document Management

Bid / Auctions Management

Contracts Management

Projects Management

Human Resources Management

Physical Assets Management

Maintenance Management

Production Management

Quick Access

Users Management

Basic Data Management

Services Management


Bulletin Board


Daily Plans

Meetings Plans

Tel. Books

Wisdom Cooperation