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Conversion of Hydrocarbons into Clean Power

Green Hydrogen Production and CCU Innovation Strategies

ZLD Seawater Desalination and Seawater mining

Planet Zamina

About Us

Planet Zamina is a new technology start-up company which aims to create a step change in Australia’s energy transition and sustainability through the application of innovative processes and leading technologies. It is envisaged that these technologies will significantly contribute to the reduction of Australia’s emission while supporting the hydrocarbon and resource industries by converting their products into clean energy and other valuable products. These technologies are highly mature and developed and ready for the construction.


We are focused on growing outstanding leaders, building diverse capability and driving an inclusive, high-performing culture.

GFWP Octarine H2

Project GFWP is a plan designed to help with climate change. Here, we still use hydrocarbons for feed and have similar productions as other refineries,

IDMS Software

It can easily integrate and manage your organization’s information in a robust and integrated platform and in a chain of information

Ba Zld Project

Between 2016 to 2018 we shifted our focus to minimize the environmental impact of the process.

Climate Changes

GHG emissions is only one aspect of climate change issue. In Planet Zamina, water shortage, Soil degradation and find a co-friendly solution to coexist with resource economy are indispensable parts of climate change issue. Planet Zamina offers a to achive all of these in one package through its Zero-waste Zero-emission process


Planet Zamina Mission is to create a solution to cut emissions while promoting prosperity.

CCU Strategy

In Planet Zamina we believe that every challenge comes with opportunities. Climate change is not an exception.

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