What we Offer

At one hand, conventional methods of power generation using hydrocarbons as energy source cannot be used in long-term because of emission and pollutant caused by these methods. On the other hand, because of the advantages that theses methods have such as continual power generation, location independency etc. is really difficult to replace them for example with renewables. This is why carbon capture and other technologies are being developed to control the pollution and emission of these methods. Unfortunately, all of the solution for making hydrocarbon power generation clean are expensive and inefficient.

Planet Zamina innovative technologies offer a zero-emission way to generate electricity from hydrocarbon. Power generated by these innovative technologies are even cheaper than conventional methods because of the higher efficiency and innovative emission/pollution solution.

Planet Zamina Innovative technologies Advantages

All the carbon capture technologies are only able to capture less than 90% of the emissions. Through Planet Zamina innovative technologies we are able to generate zero emission electricity. Planet Zamina power  generation technologies also provide higher efficiency which makes the outcome more ecofriendly and also improve the financial ratio of investing in a power plant.


3. Services We Offer

Planet Zamina’s innovative technologies utilize hydrocarbons into clean energy and other valuable products in a commercially sustainable way and through a Zero waste and Zero emissions process. In this way we could achieve significant emission reduction and simultaneously promote a strong hydrocarbon and resource economy. This could be a game changer that turns strongest forces against climate change measures into their best allies.