What we Offer:

In Planet Zamina we believe that every challenge comes with opportunities. Climate change is not an exception. Planet Zamina offers an innovative way to utilize emission crisis into an economic opportunity. Our experts made a master plan to make Australian economy boom while dealing with emission crisis.

The logic behind our approach

In the battle against climate change, time is of paramount importance. The logic behind most of the emission reduction targets and limiting global warming goals is to avoid reaching to the irreversible points.. For instance, overshooting 1.5°C may push the earth over several tipping points, leading to irreversible and severe changes in the climate system that are likely to make all of the current solutions and policies obsolete. Humanity has developed different commercial readiness index (CRI) and technology readiness level (TRL) structures for managing new technologies. These working structures normally work perfectly but not for the issues with a time urgency. Need for developing technologies in a specific timeline rarely happens but developing vaccine for Covid was one example. Climate change is definitely another technological contest against time and it is quite unlikely that we can only rely on technologies coming out from the current CRI and TRL pathways. We need less time-consuming methods for developing emission-free technologies to avoid reaching tipping points and Planet Zamina offers one. In designing Planet Zamina novel process, we have only used technologies that are already commercialized. In other words, the subject of this proposal could be easily categorized as CRI-3 in ARENA’s CRI structure, despite being pretty novel. Planet Zamina design is perfectly mature and ready for construction literally now. We can bring forward emission reduction targets by years using Planet Zamina innovative technologies. Also, at the top of saving a tremendous amount of time with this method, we can avoid spending a significant amount of money in R&D phases without any guarantee of reaching the ultimate result.


Services We Offer

Planet Zamina’s innovative technologies utilize hydrocarbons into clean energy and other valuable products in a commercially sustainable way and through a Zero waste and Zero emissions process. In this way we could achieve significant emission reduction and simultaneously promote a strong hydrocarbon and resource economy. This could be a game changer that turns strongest forces against climate change measures into their best allies.