What we Offer

Most approaches to decarbonizing envisage the reduction of reliance on hydrocarbons, as essential to achieve the solution. Planet Zamina’s approach on the other hand, is to achieve clean energy and Australian emission reduction targets while promoting new and clean use of hydrocarbon resources.

the logic behind our approach

Almost 72% of global emission comes from energy sector. In other words, more than 70% of global emission caused by combusting hydrocarbons for producing energy. Humanity has always known this fact. For years, humanity tried to solve it but consistently failed due to financial/political realities and significance of energy to our modern civilization. In 1990 the share of hydrocarbons in global energy consumption was 80%. Since then, the size of the energy market has doubled. It has been a strong push to put hydrocarbons aside for last 20 years and technologies for alternative sources of energy have significantly improved. Yet, the share of hydrocarbons in global energy market today is above 80%.

There is plenty of evidence that this trend of using hydrocarbons is not going to change in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, we are already out of time for beating climate change. Perhaps an ideal way out of this situation, would be a dream solution that uses hydrocarbons helping to solve the climate change issue not worsening and deteriorating it.

Besides, needless to say that climate change is a global issue and requires all the countries to cooperate. It is not solved if developed countries reach net zero economy but underdeveloped and developing countries keep emitting greenhouse gases. Putting a ban on hydrocarbons can easily crash most of underdeveloped countries and oil & gas exporters’ economy, Hence their resistance against any changes like this. By developing zero emission technologies for utilizing hydrocarbons we could preserve their economies and benefit from their full cooperation in beating climate change.


Services We Offer

Planet Zamina’s innovative technologies utilize hydrocarbons into clean energy and other valuable products in a commercially sustainable way and through a Zero waste and Zero emissions process. In this way we could achieve significant emission reduction and simultaneously promote a strong hydrocarbon and resource economy. This could be a game changer that turns strongest forces against climate change measures into their best allies.