What we Offer

While the world moving towards electrification, we still need combustible molecules as energy carriers. Hydrogen will play the main role as the future energy carrier. Planet Zamina has a magnificent strategy to position itself and its partner in the future fuel market through innovative hydrogen production strategies and technologies.

The logic behind our approach

Hydorogen production technologies are improving very fast. But hydrogen market as a fuel is still unpredictive. When it comes to hydrogen production strategies is all about securing the market share as quick as possible but adjust the investment pace with the technology evolution trend. Planet Zamina developed the perfect strategy to maximize the market share in short term and avoiding financial lost because of tech evolution in mid and long term.


Services We Offer

Planet Zamina’s innovative technologies utilize hydrocarbons into clean energy and other valuable products in a commercially sustainable way and through a Zero waste and Zero emissions process. In this way we could achieve significant emission reduction and simultaneously promote a strong hydrocarbon and resource economy. This could be a game changer that turns strongest forces against climate change measures into their best allies.